Vision & Mission

The vision of NRF is:

“To support world-class research activities, and create an internationally competitive research environment and innovation system in the United Arab Emirates”

The outcomes of these research activities will enable UAE to become a source of intellectual property, ideas and knowledge, enable the businesses of UAE to be more competitive and enhance the lives of the citizens of UAE.

The mission of NRF is:

“To build an internationally competitive research capacity for the economic and social development of the United Arab Emirates”

The functions of NRF will be to:

  • provide research leadership in the country;
  • advise the Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research on all research matters;
  • recommend the funding of centers, programs, institutions and individuals;
  • Administer the research initiatives, schemes and funding programs for which it has responsibility.

NRF Guiding Principles

The foundation is established with fundamental core values that influence everyone in the organization and support the mission. The guiding principles of NRF are:

  • Excellence: support high-quality and innovative research that is locally relevant and internationally recognized.
  • Strategic direction: support research in areas of national priority that delivers the greatest social and economic benefits to UAE.
  • Accountability: use transparent processes consistent with international best-practice.
  • Partnership: Encourage partnerships among universities, research institutes and centers, government, and industry at the local, national, and international level.

NRF’s Objectives

Maintaining objectives are essential to advancing NRF’s vision and the mission, they are:

  • Discovery: develop and maintain a solid foundation of world-class research across a range of nationally relevant disciplines.
  • Linkage: encourage and extend cooperative approaches to research between universities, government and industry.
  • Research Infrastructure: increase the level and quality of research infrastructure in UAE.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: contribute towards the building of an internationally competitive innovation system and culture of entrepreneurship in UAE.
  • Research education and training, and careers: contribute to high-quality research, education and raining, and foster career opportunities for early career researchers, particularly UAE nationals.
  • Public engagement: increase public and government awareness and understanding of the benefits of national research and the important results from NRF funded projects.
  • Good governance: implement best-practice governance and organizational structures consistent with transparency and accountability.